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Technical Assessment

Freezing can be used to stabilize the ground and/or control groundwater. The suitability of the technology is often controlled by the geometry extents of ground needing treatment but there are no set rules as to what will work and what will not.  We have considered hundreds of unique projects to help assess if freezing is an option and the associated cost.


Preliminary Analyses

We use the latest in 2D and 3D finite element software to study complex engineering problems. Where necessary, the models combine thermodynamics, hydrology, and rock / soil mechanics.  We have extensive experience in developing models and in comparing modeled results to actual field data. One of our strengths is understanding the limitations of modelling and having the experience to interpret what the models are revealing.

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Cost Estimation

Ground freezing is an expensive approach and our job is to determine if ground freezing is a technically and economically viable option for your project. Our business does not depend on profits derived from drilling holes or selling freeze equipment. 

We have developed a unique approach to:

  • Design  a safe and robust system.

  • Train your own team to operate it.

  • Provide oversight and on-going engineering support as needed.    

  • Develop cost estimates for capital / operating / engineering so you can decide if freezing is your better option.

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