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Advanced Analyses

After we have narrowed down options, we carry out final calculations to determine ground heat loads, optimal freezing equipment size / performance, ground freezing schedules based on client approved criteria.  We develop process flow diagrams and general arrangement drawings.

Groundwater Velocity.jpg

Mechanical Design

Once we know what you need, we will develop the necessary specifications, drawings, or construction work packages.  You can use these for final budget pricing or to secure a contractor.  We will work with you at each step to ensure you understand why decisions are made and what you are getting.



We can help you select contractors and work with them and your own team to ensure work gets done safely and properly.  Every freeze project is unique and we bring a lot of experience to your table.  While freezing is unique, it's not overly complicated.  Part of our role is to ensure you understand all aspects of it as the project evolves.

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